Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mmm, Cookies

I have a problem.

I love cookies.  I love eating them, but I especially love making them.  And over the past 9 years I've made cookies for the holidays as gifts for family and friends.  And I can't stop making more and more cookies every year.  It started with 4 basic recipes and has since exploded into a rotating catalog of classic and modern cookies, recently as many as 24 recipes in a single holiday season.

How many cookies is 24 recipes, you ask?  In 2008 it was over 1800.

That's a lot of milk.

I'm so obsessed, my wedding featured 16 feet of beautifully trayed cookies in over a dozen flavors, more than 1,000 yummy bits of goodness.

In an effort to share my joy and offer up some advice, I give you this blog.  Here I will explain the planning process behind making almost two thousand cookies, my favorite products, tips and tricks, and of course, my favorite recipes.  To be fair, few (very, very few) of my best cookies recipes are of my own design.  Nearly all of them are culled from magazines, cookbooks, newspapers, ingredient packaging, and of course,the almighty interwebz.  But most of those have been "improved" by my unique changes either in content or process so I can make only the best cookies for my loved ones.

I promise it's not all chocolate chip around here (although I recently acquired a recipe so close to the renowned Double Tree Chocolate Chip Cookie that you might never go back to grandma's recipe).  Unique flavors, simple substitutions, and a equal balance of chocolate vs. everything else is in store.

Submit your cookie quandaries in the comments section!  I'll be your resident expert on all things cookie, and for those of you who get to consume my creations,enjoy.

Happy Baking,
The Cookie Princess

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  1. Can't WAIT to read more! Please oh pretty please update often! ;-)