Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Applesauce Granola Bread

How could I forget to post this bread? It's so delicious and super easy, not to mention fairly healthy for a quick bread. I made this a few times in a short period and have been thinking of making it again. The first loaf was to try it out. The second was to share with some friends. And the third went to Logan's teachers at daycare as a thank you and morning surprise for them. Overall, this recipe got great reviews from everyone. What's great about this bread is how you can play with the flavor depending on the kind of granola you have on hand. So you can get a little something different each time. Which is always fun.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Classic Stuffed Peppers

Sometimes comfort food is in order and for me, stuffed peppers are one of those comfort foods I love. They remind me of my mom, who made them fairly regularly growing up. And even though when I was little I wanted "stuffed peppers without the pepper" (aka, meatballs) which Mom was good enough to oblige this one menu request, I eventually grew to love the pepper part too. Now I make these and serve them up with lots of mashed potatoes and a salad for a hearty, comforting delicious dinner. I love the seasoning, the extra texture from the rice and frankly, the satisfying look of a pepper just overstuffed and overflowing with a delicious filling.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Birthday Oreo Blondies

These are definitely birthday blondies. I made them three times in two months, for three different birthdays. Of course, the first two times we ate them all/gave them to the birthday honoree before I remembered to take a picture. In fact, this picture is of the last few in the pan. They are just so good, we gobbled them down before I had the time/sunny skies to grab the camera. Clearly. The blondie itself is perfect--sturdy with the right amount of crunchy edge and enough softness on the interior to gently break. But the real fabulousness is in the flavor--a little hint of birthday cake with sprinkles, white chocolate chips and big fat chunks of golden birthday cake flavor cream filled Oreos. Clearly these were made for a party and I hope the three birthday girls (Rachel, Lisa and Lisa) loved them.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Korean Beef

I'm embarrassed that I've been absent for this long. I've been cooking, but the new job has taken some getting used to in terms of setting our routine (but it's great!) and of course my new little kitchen helper is still figuring out all the tools and how they work. But at 5 months old, he has a lot more to learn, not the least of which is don't put all the tools in your mouth. I've got a backlog of birthday baking to share with you, a few more tasty quick breads and some other goodies I'd like to get to you before this time next month. Because I while I super excited that today is Secret Recipe Club reveal day, I'm disappointed that the last time I posted something delicious was for last month's Secret Recipe Club. But we all hit these ruts and I'm thrilled with this recipe and the nudge to get back in gear with posting. We've actually had this a few times already because it's super easy to make during the week after work and daycare, between feeding the little guy and getting him ready for bed. Plus it tastes awesome. I love my crock pot Beef and Broccoli, but this stove top Korean Beef is equally delicious with a slight twist in the flavor, texture and presentation. I've never been to a Korean restaurant, so I can't vouch for authenticity. Authentic or not, it's still delicious and is definitely in our rotation. The first time I made this, I didn't have any broccoli, so I substituted green beans and it was equally good. thank goodness for Secret Recipe Club for helping me get back on track and find this awesome recipe.