Monday, June 25, 2012

Bacon Ranch Broccoli Slaw

Bacon makes everything better, right?  Exactly.  And in this recipe, it even makes a run of the mill slaw better.  Crunchy broccoli slaw with a lightly creamy ranch dressing speckled with bacon bits for a twist on traditional slaw. Plus, it's not bad for you!  I don't normally do nutrition stats, but this stuff comes in at only 71 calories per serving, a third of which comes from the veggies, so I just had to share!  I make this to take for lunch for a little extra crunch and additional serving of veggies, but it would be a great accompaniment for a summer barbeque buffet.

This recipe is a Hungry Girl concoction from Lisa Lillien's Hungry Girl 1-2-3.  I love Lisa's  dedication to healthy recipes made quickly from easy ingredients that are super tasty.  I don't change a thing to this recipe, as easy as it would be to add more bacon!  But really there's plenty of bacon flavor, coupled with a quick ranch dressing, really transforms the crunchy broccoli slaw into something different.  A great, light summer side dish that's tasty and healthy.  One taste and it will definitely be an addition to your cookouts this summer.

Bacon Ranch Broccoli Slaw


2/3 cups fat free sour cream
1 1/2 Tablespoons ranch dressing mix
1 12 ounce package broccoli slaw
1/4 cup real bacon bits

In a large bowl, mix together sour cream and ranch dressing mix.

Add broccoli slaw and mix thoroughly.

Sprinkle bacon bits over top and mix to distribute throughout.

Chill for 2 hours and serve.

Makes 5 1-cup servings.

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  1. Very good! I added
    1/4 c chopped red onion
    3/4 C slivered almonds