Friday, September 28, 2012

Blogger Challenge: Pay It Forward

I introduced you to Stephie at Eat Your Heart Out a few months ago for Foodie Pen Pals.  I sent her a package and discovered her blog, which I love.  The other day Stephie posted a challenge, Pay It Forward, and I immediately wanted to play so I could share the fun with all of you.

The concept that if you do something nice for someone, and they turn around and spread the love by doing something nice for someone else is so cool and I do believe in it.  If someone lets me in while sitting in traffic, I'll let someone else in.  I hold doors for people.  I tell someone they dropped something or I pick it up for them.  (Now, I can pay it back just as well for people who are jerks, but let's just focus on making everyone's day a little brighter.)  So let's spread some blogger love today and brighten a few more days.

The first three people that comment on this post will get a gift from me within the next month (by October 28th).  All you have to do participate is follow the rules below.

  1. Comment on this post and include your name, blog address, email address and tell me a little about yourself.  Your favorite color, favorite cookie, favorite food, what you like about fall, whatever you like!  You can tell me more than one thing, anything you care to share.
  2. But, in order for your gift to arrive, you have to play along and pay it forward.  Spread the love on your own blog by posting the same game and promising to sent a little something special to the first thee people that comment on your post.  (PS: You can copy my Pay It Forward graphic if you like--I made it myself; can't you tell?)
  3. You have 72 hour (3 days) to re-post this game (using the same rules).  If you don't play along, I'll move onto the next person.
  4. Please only comment if your willing to play (and don't be afraid to be the 4th commenter, someone might not qualify and you could be a winner).
I hope you'll play and share the love.   And if you're looking for a recipe, I'll have a bonus recipe on Sunday for Foodie Pen Pals that will kick off a week of football/tailgate food.

Happy Baking & Blogging,
The Cookie Princess


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