Monday, August 11, 2014

Lemon Raspberry Bread

Recently there were some delicious looking raspberries at the farm stand. After I bought a pint, Dave and I ate the entire thing in one sitting (maybe 10 minutes)--they were just the perfect combination of tart, sweet and juicy. So I went back to get another pint and paired those raspberries with some lemons for this amazing summer-flavored quick bread. This bread is amazing. Tart, sweet, soft and delicious. I made mini loaves, two of which Dave and I ate up right away. I shared one with Cindy since she needed some sweet lemony goodness in a bad way, and there's one left in the freezer, yet, but I'm not sure it'll be there much longer. This perfect summer recipe came from the best source--a Secret Recipe Club assignment!

Secret Recipe Club
My pregnancy tiredness and difficulty writing about food (the heartburn and aversions mean I'm just not able to sit down and write up my posts) have persisted for the last month or so, but I wouldn't miss a Secret Recipe Club post. And since it's the second Monday, that means it's reveal day for Group B! What's Secret Recipe Club?  Each Monday a group of bloggers post a recipe they've made from another blogger's repertoire.  Nobody knows who's featuring their blog until that day and it's a fun chance to visit new blogs and try something different. Visit some of the other bloggers in my group by checking out the blog hop at the bottom of this post.  To learn more about Secret Recipe Club, click here. This month my assignment comes from An Affair from the Heart. Michaela is a stay at home mom who makes it a point to gather everyone around the table for dinner, not just during special occasions. I grew up in a house like that and hope that Dave and I are able to instill those same values in our own little family. As usual, I had a hard time deciding on what recipe to make. Michaela's Pecan Caramel Bark sounds awesome and may make an appearance for Christmas. Then there was her Cinnamon Streusel Banana Bread--a flavor I haven't taken on for banana bread yet. And as a huge ice cream fan, the Homemade Frosty's caught my eye. But in the end, summer flavor won out with this Lemon Raspberry Bread, baked up in mini loaves. Perfect for sharing (or quasi-portion control).

My version was very close to Michaela's. I used more zest (an entire lemon) just because I could, and a little more lemon juice since that's what came out of the two lemons. I ran out of sour cream, so I supplemented with some vanilla yogurt (since I didn't have any plain). The batter is light and creamy and bakes up to a perfect tender crumb--there isn't a thing I would change about how this recipe comes together. The raspberries sunk to the bottom of the batter and weren't quite evenly distributed, so I might add a few more--maybe a 1/2 cup--and drop them on top of the loaves before baking. These would be great with blueberries too, or just leave them with the lemon for a simple but flavorful breakfast treat.

Lemon Raspberry Bread


1 1/2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs
6 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice, divided (the juice of two large lemons)
1 Tablespoon lemon zest
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups raspberries

In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside until wet batter is ready. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, beat sugar, sour cream, and yogurt on medium speed. Add vegetable oil and eggs, one at a time, and beat until combined. Zest and juice lemons, adding zest and 1 Tablespoon juice to batter, with vanilla. Reserve remaining lemon juice. Beat to combine, scraping sides of bowl as necessary.

Gradually add flour mixture to sugar mixture, stirring on low speed until just incorporated.

Fold in raspberries.

Divide batter evenly among 4 greased mini loaf pans. Note: I used an ice cream scoop, about 2 scoops per mini loaf.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 35 minutes or until a tester inserted in the center comes out clean, tops are set and edges are golden but not browned.

Remove from oven and cool in pans for about 15 minutes before transferring to wire rack to cool completely. While loaves cool, prepare glaze.

In a small bowl, sift powdered sugar, then add remaining 5 Tablespoons of lemon juice. Stir until smooth and pourable.

Place waxed paper or a flexible cutting mat under the cooling rack of mini loaves. When loaves are completely cooled, gradually drizzle over loaves, allowed excess to drip off. Allow to set before storing or serving.

Makes 4 mini loaves.

Happy Baking,
The Cookie Princess

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  1. I am so glad that you had fun baking from my page, and that you loved the lemon raspberry bread like we did!! Happy to have found your page!

    1. Michaela, this was great. Can't wait to try some of your other recipes.

  2. They look way yummy and I love the mini loaf pans!

    1. Everything seems a little sweeter in a mini loaf pan. :)

  3. I love the mini loafs of bread you made! Perfect sizes for snacks.

    1. Heather--they really are. 1 mini loaf is approximately 2 regular muffins, so it's perfect to share or indulge just a bit.

  4. Your Lemon Raspberry Bread looks wonderful, so moist and delicious. Hope you are having a great day and thanks for sharing.
    Miz Helen
    SRC Group B

  5. I have a mini loaf pan. I use it mainly at the holidays but need to think of using it more often! This looks so good. Visiting from SRC B!

    1. I use my mini loaf pan all year! It's great when you want more than a muffin size but not just one big loaf. Then you can freeze some mini loaves and have a variety to set out for brunches.

  6. Your mini loaves look so yummy! The raspberry/lemon combo sounds just delish too. :)