Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Andes Creme de Menthe Chunk Cookies

Two years ago my sister made these cookies.  I could not stop eating them.  Between the two of us, we probably took 15 or more dozen cookies to my parents' house that Christmas, but these were the only ones I wanted.  They are soft, have a great minty flavor, but paired with a buttery, caramely sweetness from the brown sugar.  Since it's not a chocolate cookie, it's a completely different type of mint chunk flavor than you normally get this time of year.  It's the perfect crisp edge with a soft and chewy center, so I knew I had to make them.

When I asked Amy for the recipe, she said it was straight off the bag of Andes Creme de Menthe Baking Chips.  Sad that I couldn't find them last year, I scooped up two bags as soon as I saw them in the store this year.  I made them a little smaller, but otherwise I followed the recipe and they were exactly what I wanted.  I may have beat her in the bake off, but she still knows a good recipe when she sees it.

Cookie Swap Update: The first package of cookies I received came from Koko at Koko Likes.  I love Black and White Cookies and was tickled to open the box and find these sweet treat courtesy of Koko.  Go check out her blog for the recipe!

Andes Creme de Menthe Chunk Cookies


1/2 cup butter, softened
3/4 cup dark brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 eggs
1 package (10 ounces) Andes Creme de Menthe Baking Chips
2 2/3 cup flour, sifted

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment (or a large bowl with a hand mixer), beat butter on high until smooth and then add sugars and beat until fluffy, scraping sides of bowl as necessary.  Add baking soda, baking powder, vanilla and eggs and mix until incorporated.

Switch to a paddle attachment and stir in baking chips.  Gradually add flour and stir until combined.  Cover and chill for about an hour.

Using a small cookie scoop, form a ball of dough and arrange on a parchment or Silpat lined cookie sheet.  Slightly flatten balls with a glass or the palm of your hand.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 8-10 minutes.  Turn baking sheet 180 degrees halfway through baking. If using more than one sheet at a time, rotate positions in the oven for more even baking.

Cool on pan for 2 minutes before moving to wire racks to complete cooling.

Makes 5 dozen cookies.

Happy  Baking,
The Cookie Princess

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  1. I can't wait to try these! I have two bags of chips in my pantry! I am a little nervous though based on how good they are, testing my willpower! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I bought a bag of those chips with no plan. They looked good. I never even looked at the recipe on the bag. One more to add to my holiday baking list.

  3. I still have another bag left with no plan. :) I'm sure I'll think of something though