Monday, December 5, 2011

Easy Lemon Cookies

You may remember last year I had quite the time making a lemon cookie I was happy with.  I started with the Soft Lemonade Cookies that didn't quite turn out, but that I salvaged into something else. Then I reworked the recipe and created the Glazed Lemonade Cookies that were better, but still not what I was going for.  Recognizing my plight, my dear friend Mere came to my rescue and sent me this recipe.  While I was still so frustrated with lemon last year, after my success with Lemon Bars this past spring, I thought I'd try Mere's version this cookie season.  I'm so glad I did.  These cookies pack a great lemon flavor without being tart.  They are soft and chewy and care finally the lemon cookie I was looking for.

Mere's recipe is crazy-easy to make.  I didn't change a thing and as you know I'm not too proud to use a prepackaged mix as the base for my cookies.  These cookies work any time of year, so keep them in mind for spring and summer.

Easy Lemon Cookies


1 18.25 ounce package lemon cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon lemon extract
1/3 cup powdered sugar

Pour cake mix into a large bowl.  Stir in eggs, oil and lemon extract until combined. 

Using a small cookie scoop, scoop dough into the palm of your hand and roll into a ball.  Drop in a small bowl of powdered sugar. Roll dough balls in powdered sugar until lightly covered. 

Arrange dough balls on a parchment or Silpat lined cookie sheet.

Bake at 375 degrees F for 6-9 minutes (I baked for 8 minutes) or until bottoms are lightly brown.  Turn baking sheet 180 degrees halfway through baking. If using more than one sheet at a time, rotate positions in the oven for more even baking.

Cool on pans for 2 minutes before moving to wire racks to cool completely.

Makes 3 dozen cookies.

Happy Baking,
The Cookie Princess

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  1. If a couple extra of those get sent to Durham, that would be just fine with me. Lemon is my favorite TYIA :)

  2. Between you and Cindy, I think I'm going to have to make another batch. :)

  3. Nick loves these..but don't worry, I've made a batch myself. :) Glad they worked out for you, too!

  4. Don't worry Mere--in lieu of lemon cookies, I'll put something else in your tin to take their place.

  5. Love the cracked tops .. these look perfect! Surely making these for the holidays.