Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pink Lemonade Krispies Treats

Not only are these super tasty, but this might be the easiest way to add a little flavor to basic krispies treats AND you have a wide variety of flavors to choose from.  I like the tartness of these pink lemonade treats for celebrating summer (and the pretty pink color), but you can go while with cherry, orange, strawberry kiwi and more.  Because these treats have only one extra ingredient: a simple packet of Kool-Aid mix (or similar).  How great is that?

Blah, blah found on Pinterest, big surprise.  Posted to Just a Pinch by JoSele Swopes, these treats are a fun way to add some flavor and color, get the kids in the kitchen, whip up a last minute treat or all of the above.  Prepare these s you would the traditional treats, but stir in a packet of drink mix (just the mix, not the kind with sugar added), and you're in for a lot of flavor and great reviews.

Pink Lemonade Krispies Treats


6 cups crisp rice cereal
3 Tablespoons butter
10.5 ounces marshmallows
.13 ounce package pink lemonade drink mix

Measure cereal into a large bowl and set aside.  Melt butter in a medium saucepan and add marshmallows and drink mix.  Heat until melted, stirring to combine.

Remove from heat and pour over cereal.  Working quickly, stir to coat cereal evenly.

Transfer cereal mixture to a lightly greased 9 x 13 inch pan and press gently into an even layer.

Allow to cool completely before cutting into bars.

Makes 24 bars.

Happy Baking,
The Cookie Princess

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